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Opal Social

Artificial Leaf and Plant Photography Props

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These lifelike, artificial plants and leaves make beautiful props for your product photography!  High quality and made from hand painted muslin, they are non-toxic and beautiful use.

We recommend adding greenery like this to your photo shoots to elevate the aesthetic, and also provide a natural look that is stylish and modern.

All of these products are handmade so size and look can vary. 

Please note that when packaged the stems are sometimes bent for safe delivery.  When you receive your product, simply straighten it back out again.  If any of the leaves drop off in transit, simply place these back in also.

We'd love to see what content you create with these - please tag us!  @opal_social_co


Sizing (Approximate)

Coconut Leaves: 34cm (leaf height), 56cm (total height)

Gold Flabellum: 34cm (leaf height), 53cm (total height), 22cm (width)

Gold Loquat: 45cm (leaf height), 63cm (total height), 26cm (width)

Gold Maple: 31cm (leaf height), 42cm (total height), 23cm (width)

Gold Round Leaf: 38cm (leaf height), 55cm (total height), 14cm (width)

Heart Shaped Leaves: 35cm (total height)

Loquat Leaves: 32cm (leaf height), 48cm (total height)

Gold Turtle Leaves: 18cm (leaf height), 30cm (total height), 15cm (width)

Shadow Leaves: 62cm (total height)

Turtle Leaves: 23cm (leaf height), 38cm (total height)

Iron Leaves: 35cm (leaf height), 62cm (total height)

Octagonal Leaves: 55cm (total height), 24cm (width)

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